Self Care during COVID19 Quarantine

The topic of Self Care is going crazy right now! We are stuck in this "what is going to happen next?" and we are caring for everyone and everything!

Hello there, Elizabeth here hanging out online answering emails and visiting with awesome customers like you. I read so much negative and scary things having to do with all that's happening in the world it has me STRESSED the #$%^ out! So, what does a counselor do in time like this? Listen to all those things she /he has preached to all who will listen, practice SELF CARE!

Buckle up buttercup for some soul searching tips and lets talk self care.

1st and foremost you have to have boundaries, to care of ourselves, we need to preserve our own mental space.  So take a moment and create a self care plan. You cannot fully care for others when your tank is empty. SO STOP! Stop and give yourself a moment and make a plan. Make sure what you put in YOUR plan is doable and something you really enjoy, Do not put leg lifts if you don't like to lift your darn legs! Like, I hate running so I would never put running even though I wish I could totally run. 

Why I Make a Self Care Plan?

Self Care what the heck is self care?

I know what your are thinking bubble baths, pedicures, and back rubs. 

Do not get me wrong those are super nice and if you can get them DO IT! Back rub funny  

 That's not really going to help you care for your basic needs and boundaries. Self care creates healing and energy within you. In your self care planning think about the things in your life that heal/support you emotional, mental, physical, and your spiritual health.

For me its meditation, my family knows every day I escape to my room. It's cool, dark, and smells of lavender. I put on my weighted eye mask and close my eyes for 15-mins. Sometimes I dose off sometimes I do not. This is a boundary I set for myself and asked my family to respect. I need that time to regenerate energy and spiritual healing. My room is setup for this so if you need a space make one! You deserve it!

Some great apps for mediation and or peaceful space



A Youtube video I use

Want to paint your room for relaxation? Check out this blog 

How To Self Care

So once you have set boundaries and have had discussions with those you love do not let it slide. Remind if you have to, put it on a calendar, set goals, and do what you need to do to make this happen for you. Make a routine and stick to it, remember boundaries are important and so are you. If you have to write notes to yourself do it.  okay lets get started!

I would think its best to identify things I would refer to as “daily non-negotiables.” These items are the absolutely must do every day to feel normal.

This might look like:

  • Making sure you take your medication prescribed by a doctor ( I will be the first to admit I forget all the time ugh) 
  • Hygiene rituals, brushing teeth, flossing, washing face, etc.
  • Oh man and this one DRINK YOUR WATER!!!
  • Making time for those life sucking creations aka kids lol
  • Taking care of our fur babies
  • Try to be outside for at least 15 mins, and that does not mean running to your car to drive to the mailbox down the drive way. WALK IT! One thing I like to do and can be done anywhere SUNBATHE, you know like your fur babies do. They find that sun that sneaks in and they lay there. Do that, just don't get caught in some weird position. 
  • This one is a big one, please listen to this one. PUT YOUR DEVICES away at least an hour before bed. Our brains recycle what we watch for hours after. So if you are reading, watching, listening to negative, scary, and not happy things it will stay with you for hours after even if you think you have let it go. 
This will look different for each person, but still do those things you absolutely must do to feel like you. Example: Do I need to listen to my 9 year olds entire word for word rendition of what he just watched, no but I do because that's what we do and it would feel like something was missing if I did not (even though I start to lose focus great way to practice my attention span). 

Positive Tips

 Got those nonnegotiable write them down. Create your calendar/list/goals how ever you want to set this self care plan into place. If you are like me life is crazy so having this plan written into it will help you DO IT. 

You can add the small tasks to, like check mail, and or don't forget to water the freaking plants. 

Do not forget to talk to yourself

You are the only one holding yourself accountable. So you may want to write into your calendar, plan, or goal sheet. Check in with self to see how I am doing? Make a check list if needed. Take time to reflect on what you have done and have not done. BE HONEST because the only person you are cheating is yourself. 

So, if I notice that I’m struggling with self care follow through, I talk it out, how can I help myself to do better or what I need to do to follow through. I also self talk affirmations. "I am strong" "I am brave" and "I can do this"


Here are some ways to practice self care 
1. Eat healthily and mindfully.
Oh my gosh, I know but seriously have your chocolate gummies but throw in some veggies and fruit :)
2. Keep track of your accomplishments.
I write a smile on my calendar, where I have completed something or accomplished something. Do what works for you!
3. Express gratitude.
Love this!! I love the idea of journals, but make sure you write positives. If you have a lot of negatives and or sadness. Seek a therapist, I have one and I love it someone to listen without judgement and I only see them when I want and I know they are not going to gossip about what I have told them. SO back to the journal write one or two or more things you are thankful for each night before bed.
4. Gift your inner child.
I loved playing with cars in the dirt...yup straight up tom boy, so I love playing with my son in the dirt. My daughter is to prissy for that. She loves pedi and mani and dressing up though so that's what I do with her.
5. Create a cozy space.
Like I said my bedroom is my safe heaven, no tech allowed. I do not have a TV and I try to never bring work into it unless I have to. Its calm soothing colors, always cool, I have a aromatherapy cool misting device, salt rock lamp.....okay I know what your thinking......haha Anyway make it your own, make your own escape room.
6. Read a book.
I have a horrible time staying focused on reading, so this one is a hard one for me. I do read do not get me wrong, but its usually something about how the mind works and trauma so I would not suggest that for you unless you like that stuff then hey, we may be soul sisstas
7. Move.
I hate exercising but love dancing, so sometimes I say "Hey Google, turn on my booty music" and rump shaker comes on and I dance while washing dishes. Just MOVE!
8. Unplug.
Like I mentioned before bed for sure, but if you can go longer do it!
9. Create something.
Anything, a piece of art or my favorite anything food related.
10. Build a self-care kit.
Fill it with things you enjoy! I love chocolate gummy bears, essential oil lotions Bath and Body has some amazing ones! My favorite is Comfort followed by Love. They also have Stress relief, focus, and energy.


"Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow" RUMI

I challenge you to 30 days of self care!

30 Day challenge