Welcome to Bad Habit Boutique! I am so glad you found us! We are an Online Only Boutique. After having a Brick & Mortor Store for a couple years we decided for our Family that Online would be the best for us. 

When I was 12, I knew I wanted to be in fashion. I don't know if it was going through all the fun clothing magazines that I got and circling my favorite products in hopes that I would get it or if it was my discovery of Betsy Johnson and her amazing style that just exploded into my world. I just knew that I wanted to do something in that world. Through out school, my love affair with fashion continued to grow!! My friends would love to go through my ever growing closet to try on clothes!  This love of mine lead me to ISU for fashion merchandising and design.

After college, I worked my way up from stock room to manager at a major retailer. I loved my job and my role in the industry but missed my time with my daughter. The job had many high demands and required a lot my time which took a toll on my life as a single mom raising a beautiful lil girl.

I was 23 when I went in to ask the bank for a loan for this dream I had to open a brick and mortar store. They didnt laugh me out but kindly showed me the door. A couple years later, I still had this dream. I knew I wanted to create a store that women would come in and feel amazing when they left. A place to shop that reminded them of those days when you would go and shop your friends closet for that perfect outfit. Since I didnt have what the bank needed I had to think outside of the box. I started selling out of my car, until I saved up to my first store front.

After years of ups and downs some more terrifying than the next, I now have 2 store fronts and an online store. My dream to have a place for women to come relax and find that perfect outfit is now the best reality!! Whats even better is that I get to share it with my ever growing family. I now have 2 children, 2 stepchildren and a wonderful husband who all help out in the store. 

We are a family based local grown store. I get to spend my days doing what I love and spending it with people I love and who are passionate. I am blessed to have my family and closest friends by my side helping me to climb the next mountain, or at sometimes pulling me! Because I took a risk and believed in myself, I am now able to encourage other to follow in thier dreams and make them realities. I love to help the local community with fundraisers, fashion shows and bring unique ideas to enhance our community. Its a busy life full of buying trips with my best friend, sharing with our customers, cuddling with my lil boy and date nights with the hubby. But I wouldn't have it any other way!PIPPETT FAMILY, SHOP SMALL