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How do I start shopping?

You just have to start commenting! You do not have to pre-register. After you comment, you will receive a message to your facebook messenger that you either got the item and it is now in your cart, or that you are now waitlisted. 

Items only stay in your cart for 2 hour before it expires and goes to the next person on the waitlist. Items go in order of comments and inventory availability. 

How Do I Shop on a Facebook Post?

To shop on a post on Facebook or in our Facebook VIP group Bad Habit VIP is the same as shopping on a live feed, comment on the main post, not the photos in each post. You will receive a message to your Facebook Messenger.

Comment Format:


If size is required it will need to be added after the NUMBER including a space.

For example comment: 


Important Note: The word "SOLD" is the key word in every comment. It MUST be included for the system to properly invoice. Size and color (as applicable) must also be included with your comment. If your are unsure of the sizes/colors available, you can refer to the post. Each variant must be spelled correctly exactly as it is listed in the post. The system also does NOT pick up edited comments. If you comment incorrectly, you will need to leave an entirely new comment. 

What If I want More than One of the Same Item?

You will need to comment for each item.  One Comment per item 😍

What does Authorizing my card mean?

When you choose to authorize a card, you are giving CommentSold permission to charge your card and place an order if the item goes in your cart or comes back into stock. CommentSold does not charge the card before this time. This includes if an item is restocked.

How to authorize your card:

To Authorize your card, click “Be First on Waitlist”

You must authorize your card for each individual item, or you can enable “Comment Charge”, which will automatically authorize your card for anything that comes in to your cart.

Coupons and Discount Codes:

Sales and coupon codes are run exclusively through comment sold. Coupons for website, can not be applied to Comment Sold orders.

Once something is in your cart and you are ready to check out, you can enter an eligible coupon code at the bottom of your “Order Summary”

If you are trying to apply a coupon code to an item that is on your waitlist rather than in your cart, you will receive a notice that the coupon code is not valid.

You can authorize your card and use a coupon code during the sale by entering the code when you authorize. 

If the item goes in to your cart during the time that the coupon is active, you will pay the discounted price. If the item goes in to your cart after the coupon has expired, you will pay the pre-sale price. Items must be un-authorized after the sale if you do not want to pay full price.


If you are checking out through Comment Sold there may be a system delay that can result in the possibility of an item becoming sold out. Even though it shows you purchased the item, the item may need to be cancelled.