Bad Influence - Black Tank

$ 22

Yes, I may not follow the road of most, I may not use proper grammer or I drop a swear word once in a while, heck I even mix brown with black in fashion and wear white after Labor Day.... if that makes me a Bad Influence, so be it BUT I am DAM fun!!!! 

We want to ensure that our customers have the best quality of workmanship we can offer that is why we custom make all of our graphics In-House. Graphics tops can take up to two weeks from order date to be created and perfected just for you. We then send them to our warehouse where they are packaged and sent out via USPS to get to you!


* 50% Polyester * 25% Cotton * 25% Rayon

* Machine wash cold * Tumble dry low * Do not iron

Fit Session: Stick with your size.

Sizing Chart Judy Blue Jeans Size Chart

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