10 Spring Looks for Every Vacation Style

Are you looking for a vacation style guide for the spring?

The fashion world has had a quiet year, but recently unveiled some new bold and stylish designs. These designs got influenced by the decades of trending season looks. These trends have become a major hit in the fashion landscape, showing off both style and class.

Spring is almost here, and you've likely been planning to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Get inspired with ten fabulous spring looks based on your vacation style. From shopping in the city wearing a blazer or lounging by the pool with a tank top, here are some outfits we have for you.

1. Black Face Masks

When it comes to protecting yourself from the pandemic, the best way you can do it is by wearing a face mask. However, that's not stopping you from being stylish.

This sleek black face mask goes well with almost any style or outfit. It's able to cover your mouth and nose as protection from any air-borne diseases.

When buying a black facemask, silk is the best material for easier breathing. You can also get one with embellishments if you want to feel fancy. Combine it with a trench coat, and we're sure you'll look exceptional.

2. Head Scarfs

If you're looking for an outfit accessory from the 50s or 60s, then why not get headscarves. You can have the scarf wrap beneath your chin or have it hanging off your head. It protects your hair from getting tossed by the air and adds a finishing touch to your outfit.

Silky textures are the best when choosing a fashionable headscarf. The designs can vary from flowery to an intricate pattern. You may also opt to keep it simple and choose a bold color.

3. Classic Black Dress

The classic black dress is a fashionable clothing option that you can always go to. It doesn't make a lot of fuss, unlike white dresses, and can give you a slimmer silhouette.

If you're going to wear one, opt for a soft and slip-like style. Pair it together with tall boots and sheer tights, and you can use it for a casual look. This is also a great layering piece for corsets or turtlenecks. 

4. Knee High Boots

Another 60s inspired foot-wearing option you go for is knee-high boots. It takes inspiration from the Youth Revolution, this chic way to elevate your outfit. Bring out your inner Ariana Grande and look for a pair you'll love.

You can wear it with a patterned dress or skirt and pair it with denim. With spring break coming up, you can go for a slouchy style. It gives an effortless relaxing feel or keeps it sleek and tight.

5. Oversized Shoulderpad Jackets

Have fun creating a long line silhouette by wearing oversized shoulder pad jackets. You can play with the different shapes of the shoulder pads.

This outerwear leaves enough room for your waist to breathe and elongates your legs. Pair it together with straight trousers or leather shorts for an ultra-modern style.

The different colors that suit this trend are blue, charcoal, and neutrals. You can dress this up or down for an effortless aesthetic.

6. Sorbet Pastel Long Jacket

Winter may have come to pass, but that doesn't mean the cold breeze will be going away anytime soon. Instead of going off a trench coat or leather jacket, try out long jackets. It gives you enough warmth without making you feel or look overdressed.

The best way to keep warm this spring vacation is by wearing a sorbet pastel long jacket. This lilac color goes compliments the cold air that winter forgot to take. It will have you wishing for a rainy day to rest all day long in your home.

7. Camel Color Styling

If you're looking for some spring vacation clothes, you can wear an outfit with camel stylings. The color gives a neutral feel, in acknowledgment of the 70s.

You can mix and match these shades together to add dimension and depth to your outfit. Try pairing it together with a light brown coat for the cooler months or a tanned T-shirt. It gives it a subtle and flattering combination as a cool look to try this season.

8. Geo Midi Dress

Geo Midi dress is an amazing outfit option for a holiday night out. This party outfit is hard for anyone not to bat an eye.

It mixes with prints of bright-colored knee-length leggings and thigh-high boots. When you're wearing this outfit, you're sure to enjoy partying all night long.

9. Midi Skirt and Tank Top

To match the vibe of the coming of spring, consider wearing a midi skirt and tank top. These spring pieces match to come up with the ultimate throw-on-and-go vacation clothing.

However, it all depends on how you match all accessories you'll have while wearing the outfit. You can add a pair of raffia tote or espadrilles to look gold for your spring dinner date.

This outfit look can be effortlessly worn throughout the day, making it a good summer outfit. You can reuse this vacation-style outfit when June comes and enjoy the summer sun.

10. Folk Inspired Coats

Go all out this spring season by traveling back to the past and wearing folk-inspired coats. Add this to your outfit to keep yourself warm during the cold spring days.

The intricate pattern on each outfit looks resembles early human work tapestry. They come great with a monochrome black or brown ensemble or choose for bright colors. This trend is an easy style to copy and looks fantastic on everyone.

Vacation Style Clothing Tips and Spring Outfits to Prepare

Spring season is coming, meaning it's another new season to get fashionable. Everyone wants to look their best, and that should not stop you too. Choose what you feel is the right attire for this spring vacation and enjoy the time.

We hope these items helped you choose your spring vacation style outfit. Are you looking for more style guides or basics to complete your wardrobe? Check out our shop and start building your clothing arsenal today.