Best Midwest Bloggers of 2018

Okay ladies!!

Here are a few of our favorite fashionista bloggers that are doing big things in the fashion world & are keeping it real! We love their unique style and personalities!! 

They killed their blogs in 2018 & we believe they'll kill it again in 2019! 


Trendy in Indy. An adorable fashion blog ran by an adorable red head named Lassy. Her blog doesn’t only cover fashion, it talks about great deals, how to style, and amazing business tips! She’s located in Indianapolis!


What Karly Said. She’s from Wisconsin & she blogs about our favorite midwest styles! She talks all things fashion, but she also talks lifestyle with us! Books, baking, owning a home. Check out Karly’s page to see more!


Midwest in Style. This blog is ran by the beautiful Maren Jensen. Maren covers fashion trends, how to score great deals shopping, & gives fashion reviews as well! Aside from fashion, Maren also blogs about decor, traveling, and being a mommy!! And! She’s located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota which only a 1.5 hour drive from us ladies here at Bad Habit Boutique!


Another amazing midwest blogger, her name is Tracy and her main platform is instagram: @thefashionsessions. Tracy is located in Omaha, NE which is also a close drive from us ladies here at BHB. Tracy has an ADORABLE instagram page where she talks about all things fashion, beauty, travel, family, & fitness! Love this girl! Tracy works with Like To Know It, where she uploads her cute outfits so that we can shop them! Amazing!


There's 4 of our favorites but it was hard to choose!! If we had to pick a 5th it would be....

US! Of course ;) I'm only saying this because we have BIG things planned for 2019! 

 We know that anyone can sell you cute clothes, but we want to be more than that here at Bad Habit Boutique. We want to be a community of R E A L girls. We don't want customers, we want friendships. We want to help others feel good on the INSIDE just as much as the outside! 


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