Sunday Mornings | Coffee Shop Photoshoot Style

Coffee Date?! YES PLEASE.

Me..? Have an addiction to coffee? Have you ever thought that maybe coffee is addicted to me? 

OK so maybe i have a slight problem...

But can you honestly blame me?? #coffeeaddict

SO..We stopped into an adorable coffee shop Sunday morning to hang out, drink yummy drinks, & have lunch! So, we would like to give Stone Bru Coffee in Dakota Dunes, SD a shout out for letting us hang out for a few hours, feed our tummies & souls, & let us do a mini photoshoot in their shop!! 

Coffee Shops are one of my favorite places to hang out, chat with friends or fam, or even lay low and do some work on my laptop or read a good book! Oh, and take adorable instagram worthy photos ;)

The purpose of this blog is to combine my love for coffee and fashion!

As you search through the cute coffee shop pics, click on the photo to shop that outfit! 

Oh and make yourself some coffee. I found that online shopping & coffee go pretty well together if i do say so myself ;)

(yes i know i have an addiction)



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