Sara's Favorite Trend for Fall 2014

So I first saw this look done at Market in August out in Vegas...AND I absolutely L ..O.. V.. E  it!

At first, I thought to myself.......argh I don't know if could pull off this look. Then I said screw it. Im gonna try it.....awww what the heck. Who is gonna look at me? The people of Wal-Mart. Shoot I might become an ONLINE social hit! Im doing it! So I did!

Plus.. I put it on the website and the mannequins in the store!

So what is it you say...what are you freaking out about sara? just spit it out! ......... its leaving your scarf out and tucking it in your belt! GOSH!  have I told you how much I love this look. Check out the photos below for outfit inspiration!





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