2018, thank you for all the lessons & adventures.

2019, I am so ready for you.


Tis the season to make new goals that WILL change your life!

You are not going to be that person that loses their new year resolutions after the first few weeks or months. No.

Things are different this year.

You are different this year.


Lets break it down. The definition of resolution :: “the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.” For example, most of us are trying to be more “X”, or less “X”, save money, eat healthier, etc. Our resolutions are solutions to our problems we currently have or want to avoid. Solutions are difficult to work through. When we don’t see results as quickly or fall off the tracks, we tend to give up because that’s what’s comfortable for us.


Motivation will die down & the excitement won’t be there all the time. This is when the resolutions really begin to work.. when you want to give up.


When you feel like giving up, stop looking at how far you have to go & take a moment to look at how far you’ve already gotten.

I believe the best way to over come this is to CHANGE DAILY HABITS. No matter what you’re New Years resolution is, it has to start with your daily actions. I can’t tell you how many times I just want to watch one more Netflix episode or scroll on social media for a whole entire hour. I am working to change those little habits by reading a book or going to the gym instead. Watching something educational & inspiring instead of watching another episode of The Office. Again.


WAKING UP EARLIER. Whether its a half an hour or an hour earlier.. take this time to read, write, pray, meditate, exercise, or whatever you need to do to accomplish that days goals.


GET ORGANIZED. It’s the best feeling everrrrr. Whatever it costs for you to get your life organized, will pay itself off. Twice. Getting ahead of the chaos is key & when chaos comes, you will be grateful you took the time.


USE YOUR RESOURCES. It’s 2019. It’s impossible to be bored. The internet is more accessible than it has ever been. Learning new things are truly endless. Technology is a beautiful & powerful tool if we use it correctly.


Also, always remember that you don’t need a new calendar year in order to make new resolutions. Starting new, starts with you. And it starts all over again every day.

So, no matter what your resolution is.. remember to take care of yourself first. You don't have to be selfish to take care of yourself. In fact, if you help yourself first, you'll be able to help others even better. You're going to kill it this year. You are stronger than you think you are.  

We want to wish you a happy & healthy New Year. We hope that you will be overflowing with blessings, laughter, cute clothes, & Chil-fil-a!

Xoxo, The BHB family


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