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Well as of last Friday spring is already here! Can you believe it?! It’s also hard to believe that Easter is just next weekend already! For some people you may have given something up for Lent that you are just dying to have…like maybe chocolate? The time flying by is in your favor then!

I’m sure there are also some of you out there counting down the days until graduation which is creeping up fast as well! Something that may be on your mind though even with all the craziness is finding that perfect dress for Easter, graduation, or even weddings coming up.

With all the different styles, colors, and prints (or if you are indecisive like me) this may not be such an easy task. Should you buy the pink strapless maxi or the short black body con dress? What one looks better on ME?!

One thing that can help when you’re picking out a dress is knowing what style of dress looks best on YOU and YOUR body! What silhouettes will emphasize and accentuate the parts of the body that will make YOU look your best. I found an awesome article to help you dress YOUR body once you have determined your body shape. This article gives you guidelines on how to dress for YOUR body. I love how this article tells you not to focus on your height or weight, but rather your body shape. Height and weight is something we often put all of our focus on rather than embracing our body’s shape as it is now and dressing for that body shape the best we can. There is always room for improvement and your body shape may change, but then that just opens the door to more opportunities! Focusing on your body how it is today and embracing it is what all the focus should be on. One thing to keep in mind even if you don’t read further into the article is that dressing your body is all about proportion and balance. If you are top heavy then draw more attention to below the waist and vise versa.

Celebrities with different body types

Here is the link to the article. There is great advice here that can really make a difference to making sure you are looking your best for your upcoming events and dressing for YOUR body.


Here at Bad Habit we have been getting ton of cute adorable dresses in! We have a ride range of colors, styles, and prints! Any of our dresses would be perfect for Easter, graduation or weddings! Here are some of the ones we have in now! You check out the rest of our dresses on our website at www.shopbhb.com!

collage for blog.pngPhotos by: Forever in a Snap Photography

I also thought I would share with you the perfect dress I found for Easter! When this look all came together I absolutely fell in love with it! I love all the detailing in the beaded clutch paired with the feminine lace detailing on the dress.

Outfit details:

Dress: American Eagle

Clutch: Francesca’s 

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