When in doubt: DENIM

Senior pictures are right around the corner and with that comes the stress of finding the perfect outfits. It’s important to pick up of the hottest trends, but also know if they are going to be dated in just a few years. One staple to make sure you incorporate in your outfits is denim. It’s a classic that has always been an every day symbol for style and is continuing to expand. This season denim is not just a weekend basic, but a fashion essential. 

I am not just talking about jeans; everyone’s favorite material is absolutely everywhere this season. From pants, to dresses, and jackets it’s a must to incorporate denim into your senior looks. 

For and easy casual chic look, pair a denim dress with light jewelry and accessories. 

From ripped skinnies to vintage flares rock your jeans with some trendy tops. 


Whether you’re in the mood for a new turn on silhouettes or want to stand out in subtle (or major) design details, make sure to showcase your personality by adding accessories to your look. 



Check out these adorable senior styles from Bad Habit Boutique for inspiration. It is important to showcase yourself in your senior looks and BHB is here to help find the right ones for you.


 After all self-confidence is your best outfit, rock it and own it.

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