{{TRENDING TUESDAY}} The Romper March 22nd

Looking for a way to switch up your Spring/Summer Style? It is time to embrace the Romper!  While you can't go wrong with a summer dress, one of the trendiest styles of summer is the romper and it's east to understand WHY!  Not only is it super comfortable, but it can also look quite dressy: just depending on how you style it. Overall, the trend is quite versatile and you should definitely try it out this Summer! 

From floral prints to linen, if you want to rock the romper during the day you have so many options - simply find a silhouette for your body type and get ready to go!  Here are a few tips for finding the perfect romper for you: 

           If you prefer covering up your midsection, find a romper that has a gathered waist and a baggy, blouse like top 

            If you prefer highlighting your curves, find a form fitting style, one that buttons up the front

            Don't like shorts? Try finding a wide-leg style -if fact it might be mistaken for a dress! 

Where to wear it?

Heading to a beach or a BBQ, a romper can be easily layered over your bathing suit. Headed to a outdoor concert or movie, remember to bring along a cardigan, denim jacket or a button down shirt - layers are key to combating cooler nights or the over blasting air conditioner. 

Want to dress up the trend? Try a Solid Hue, solid colors often seem more dressed up. If you want to show of what your mama gave you, a halter neckline might be your best bet! 

Another great styling tip is to try a thin belt, this will add  a polished vibe look. 

Shop our picks and get ready to make a really cool fashion statement in a romper!  



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