{{TRENDING TUESDAY}} Street Style: Coachella

With Coachella Week 1 coming to an end, we love to recap the Fashion. Coachella, for me, really kicks off what you will be seeing for Summer Fashion Trends!  So here is a few of my Predictions for Summer 2016! 

1. For the Love of Lace - The Trend: Wearing a Bodysuit, layered with a sheer long lace dress. 

2.  The Neck Scarf - tying a handkerchief or spring scarf around your neck for a chic look  

3. Bra-lette - Shorter than a cropped top, Bralette with short shorts! 

4. Graphic Tees - Grab your favorite 80/90s band graphic tee 

5.   Anything Military - Seriously! Anything Military! 

6. Fun Floats for the Pool

7.  Cold Shoulder - You will find the off the shoulder, cold shoulder look throughout Summer: tops, rompers, & dresses will all feature this silhouette 

Here are just 7 of the trends that you will be seeing pop up this summer! Enjoy! For More fashion tips check back every Tuesday for {{TRENDING TUESDAY}} with yours truly! 

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