{{TRENDING TUESDAY }} 5 Ways to Wear A Blazer from Our favorite Bloggers!

The blazer is the foundation piece of your wardrobe. It is a closet must 

have. The  power of the blazer will make you feel like a #girlboss as you 

enter a room. We love to see the blazer street styled ,paired with your 

favorite statement graphic tee,  distressed pair of cropped skinnys and 

finished with your favorite Keds or pair of heels. 

We linked our favorite bloggers and how they are wearing the blazer and 

found Bad Habit Boutique has very similar Looks! Check out below: 

1. The Tweed Blazer - Blogger Lovely Pepa Alexandra Pereira


The Tweed Blazer lovely pepa

                LOVELY PEPA BLOGGER                                                   BAD HABIT BOUTIQUE 


2. The Pop Color Blazer - 

Js Every Day Fashion Blazer Bad Habit Boutique Royal Blazer

  J's Everyday Fashion                                                 BAD HABIT BOUTIQUE

3. Basic Top + Blazer 

Blazer and Basic Top

                        Walk in Wonderland

4. Graphic Tee + Blazer 

Graphic Tee and Blazer  Graphic Tee + Blazer

              Lovely Pepa                                                            BAD HABIT BOUTIQUE

5. Vest Blazer 

Blazer VEST  

          Elements of Ellis  by Kacie Ellis                                                     Bad Habit Boutique

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