Our Favorite Trend for summer is a classic Trend! GINGHAM! If you can't decided what to wear well..wear Gingham! This pretty, preppy fabric is taking over fashion right now. Whether this fresh pattern is in a classic red & white, black &  white or rendered in one of the season's pretty pastel colors, we're not discriminating; we'll take it all! 

Think Back to the stunning Niki Taylor featured in Vogues 1992 Issue. I remember 

looking through Magazines and cutting out pictures of styles I loved and  actually 

"pinning" them on my Wall! ((lol not a pinterest wall))

Here are a few looks we love from some Instagram Bloggers we love! 


What is gingham?

Gingham is a type of simple, woven cotton or linen cloth. Originally it had a regular bright coloured stripe but later appeared as a check or plaid pattern.

History of gingham

The history behind the origin of gingham is as chequered as the fabric itself. Many countries claim gingham fabric to be a staple of their own textile history and culture. Its widespread use throughout the world is due to it being inexpensive to produce, easy to wash, durable and simple in design.

The origin of the word is interesting since the fabric was manufactured in Dutch-colonised Malaysia and Indonesia yet also in India. It was exported to Europe in the 17th Century and later to the USA before local manufacture was set up in the 18th Century. The word appears to derive from the Malaysian word genggang meaning ‘striped’ and adopted by the Dutch.

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