The Military Vibe....... OLIVE IT!!!

Ever since the 90's punk look broke out, it incorporated the military look from layering the jackets with your favorite band tee, your best ripped up jeans, and Docs or Chucks....these classic pieces have remained in my closet due to the fact that this look never loses its vibe.   

Easy as it was.: All i need is an army jacket! GAH i need to find the PERFECT one though. With pieces like an army jacket or a leather jacket, you have to hold out, search without obsessing... the perfect jacket is out there! It's just gotta find you.: compliments of Pinterest.

Fall Trends are showing these military pieces making a fierce come back this season and started showing its ranks last year with the olive military vest layered with the black and white stripe top.  Who hasn't seen this look and absolutely just had to go out and find it???   

Product image

When the Bad Habit Boutique Buyers Squad hit Market this spring, we just had to snag up this look for fall due to the fact that we LOVED it and it was something that our personal wardrobes desired.....



Than the fashion magazines and other designers started launching their Fall lines and The Military Trend WAS IN IT!!!! Really??? hahhahaa!!!! LOVED IT!!!... (photo from August 2016 issue of StyleWatch)

Trends come and go, but classic looks that are staple pieces in your closet and in your mind never go out of fashion.  Fashion is your statement about yourself without using words, its an art.  The jackets and vests have so many options for changing up the way you wear day you can wear it with a basic tee, graphic tee.....the vest layered with plaids, seems these days mixing up patterns is a science but looks great when you land it!

Product image These are some of our BHB picks!

The camouflage tops, bottoms and shoes are to be desired for this fall! Even the military flight suit is making an appearance this year....designers have nailed the fit for women with a few patches to accent the outfit ...the Military Trend is ADORABLE....!!  

Olive It! I am really obsessing over the accent patches! 

Where do you get the look? 

For that camouflage look......

For the Olive Lovers......

Plus....shhhhh don't tell..... but we have some MORE must-have Military pieces coming later this month!!! EEK!! I can not WAIT!!!

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