The Addicted Box

What Better Way to Stock Up on your Fall Essentials than the Addicted Box. 

What is the Addicted Box? 

The addicted box is a box full of Sara's (the owners) favorite things! All you have to do is pick your size, and we do the rest!  

Are you a busy woman on the go? Or do you hate shopping? Do you need help picking stuff out? Then this is the box for you!

Yes, sometimes is scary to get a surprise in a box, but we at least let you know the contexts of what is inside. The only difference is the color variations of the product! However, we also let you know the colors that MAY happen to end up in your box! 

Who doesn't love a surprise box to show up on your front door? I know I do!

Our goal is to make shopping fun, and effortless. We believe that if you feel and look confident, then you make you a positive impact on others, but your positive energy! At Bad Habit Boutique we make getting Dressed simple and rewarding. 

How often is the addicted box? 

We do the Addicted Box once a month. 

How much is the Addicted Box? 

It varies every month depending on the contexts inside. 

To Purchase your October Addicted Box Click here:

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