Let's Talk Spring 2017

It's January. Yes, Hibernation Mode is in full effect. I bet you are currently googling  "BEST CARIBBEAN VACATIONS"  or "top places to go when its FREAKING COLD", I think that has been my top 5 google searches the last couple of weeks! With that being said I am also thinking "SPRING 2017", I'm trying to click my heels like Dorothy only to hope Spring will be here, like yesterday. 

So lets talk Spring. Colors, Prints and Everything Spring. 

First, I headed over to Pantone to seek out the color trends they have listed!  I was surprised they really do not 

have a lot of Pastel colors, that is the first! But loving the Lapis Blue & Promrise Yellow... I can definitely find 

myself wearing those 2 colors together! 





Some Fun Looks   Lapis Blue + Primrose Yellow 






Another Color Combination I love is Pink Yarrow + Greenery






Lapis Green + Greenery 




Stay Tuned for Lets Talk Spring 2017 - Edition 2 Where Ill be talking 

about the Prints you will be seeing this Spring! But, while we wait for 

Spring to appear. We want you to stay warm! So check out our # item.




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