"Ice Cream" about the Sprinkles of LOCAL Fun!!!!

Summer heat brings on the cool treats!  In our Bad Habit Boutique hometown, Le Mars, we have a weekend dedicated to the coolest treat of all.....ice cream!  The days are sprinkled full of fun activities for all ages. Kicking off the ice cream theme, "What my favorite says about me"...Chocolate, The Leader, craving the real thing and not afraid to go after what I want....soo true in for my world!  Feel Free to check out your favorite ice cream and see what it says about you.


My highlights of Ice Cream Days are not only the Family Bike Ride tonight at 6pm but the Outdoor Movie tonight....seriously who doesn't love an old fashion drive in theater mock up.....Except here its more picnic-esk than actually drive in theater!  However if you live in the area or just want to take a trip to a drive inn theater.....I recommend this drive in theater...http://vernedriveintheater.com/ in Luverne Minnesota!!


Friday brings on many activities for the whole family.....we like to attend the Motorcycle Stunt Show and this year our neighbor who makes the block smell of smoked BBQ ribs opened a beer garden with live bands performing outside from 6pm-10pm @ SNS BBQ.... I LOVE the sound of live music feeling the streets of downtown! 

The kids love the Saturday morning parade drizzled with lots of fun rides, funky marching bands, and this year political statements are bound to be made!  

Art in the Park follows the parade with scoops of fun!!  My absolute favorite new addition to the whole event was created by the Youth Group of Main Street is the "Downtown Historical Scavenger Hunt".  The Bad Habit Boutique team and our closest neighbor, Sugar & Spice, raced to get our 1/2 of the scavenger hunt complete first....lol! Taking the kids and myself on a downtown discovery adventure is just the kind of fun we need, unplugged with a pen and paper!!!

Turn the sheet in to the ice cream parlor, giving me the perfect excuse to grab an Old-Fashioned Phosphate Strawberry Soda....feeling straight out of a Normen Rockwell painting!

Funny link to watch, Sara gets lost on the wrong Girl Scout Cone.....and please don't check the Pizza Ranch for how many letter "E"'s they have.....shhhhh....the boss had the wrong building!!!! So the Bad Habit Team left the prize wide open for a local scavenger hunters to claim the prize.....hahhaha!


This weekend has ALOT of Sprinkled fun, drizzled with free ice cream around every corner! I love bringing the kids to all the great family and community building activities the Ice Cream Capital of the World brings to our town!   Can't wait to share some highlights from our weekend.

Wink Wink...sharing the link to ALL the events!!!!!! <3 <



Wendy aka Bad Habit Boutique Squirrel

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