Danika Portz - Shows her Bad Habit Style

          So some of you have heard of Ms. Danika Portz, while a few of you are wondering who is this Fashion Diva.  Standing 5'1, and able to belt out with the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, she is also a Songwriter and Singer from a local town here in Iowa. In 2011, she did what everyone fears, but inside wants to. She went to conquer her lifetime dream. NASHVILLe! 

The 2 Piece Set - Bad Habit Boutique 

Danika Portz's debut single "Greatest Show On Earth" definitely qualifies as one of the most unique country singles I have heard! 

The Plaid Romper- Bad Habit Boutique

The Plaid Button Down- Bad Habit Boutique 

The Cropped Top + Flared Mini Skirt - Bad Habit Boutique



                    You must here Danika's Voice: 

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