Bad Habit Boutique is Closing.....

Don't worry ladies, did we scare you? We are not closing forever...we are just gonna get a lil TLC 

done inside. We love our current decor but just like fashion, we need to evolve our look.

Here is a our inspiration for the new decor, we are looking to create a cleaner and more 

sophisticated look that will better showcase the product that we carry.


And no worries, ladies we heard you and we are going to be revamping those dressing 

rooms to make them just right for you!!!


I am so excited to share our new look with you, our faithful BHB ladies.

Le Mars has been my hometown since I was born and I am so appreciative of the 

wonderful support that you all have given me so I want to give back to you by creating 

a one-of-kind shopping experience!!! Stay tuned to instagram and facebook for sneek 

peaks of what we are all doing.


Bad Habit Boutique will be closing the store for ONLY 1 week during our remodel 

starting May 8th!


However, we will be open in the warehouse! So come see us next door to Sugar-n-

Spice..aka on the other side. We will maintain our regular business hours.  We will 

always be here for your Fashion Needs we are not going anywhere, just updating!! 


Step 1: We are going to be taking out the back wall and expanding. We will be pushing 

the kids room back and opening up the restrooms so it is more accessible. 


Step 2: Fitting Rooms: we will be tearing out the existing ones and making our fitting 

rooms bigger! 

Step 3: Color: We want the store to feel classic & clean! 

Here is our design inspiration: 

We hope this renovation will take about 1 week, in which we will have a HUGE RE-

GRANDING opening party! So stay tuned to our instagram @shopbhb for renovation 

updates and re granding opening party! 



Sara Pippett 

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