Waking up in the morning is hard anyway.

Then you have to open up your closet doors and figure out 

out what to wear! Here are 8 items to help with your Morning 

Woes of YOU vs THE CLOSET. 

1. Military Vest -

 The military vest is the perfect layering piece, we love to layer it with stripes and plaids! 

  This pieces you can wear for every at least 3 out of the 4 seasons! Its a great transition     piece. 


2. Striped Top 

         The black & white striped top is on "pinterest" number search. It is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. For bottoms, you can wear jeans, leggings, tuck it into a skirt. For top, wear with a vest, cardigan, by it self, add a statement necklace, add a scarf!  


3. Scarf - 

               We have picked our favorite the "blanket scarf" we love this plaid scarf, because we love                it with the Striped Top and Military Vest! Who doesn't love Plaid! 


(pinterest photo)

4. Long Tunic 

       When it is Legging Season, we love to have long enough tops to cover our Booty! Yes, I am not one for seeing the underwear line, or pink undies through the leggings! So the TUNIC was discovered! THANK YOU COLUMBUS...sorry I mean the fashion world!  For thinking of LONG TOPS! 

5. Boyfriend Cardigan 

                 I love cardigans, I love LONG cardigans even more. The boyfriend cardigan is the                      perfect length for cardigans, and a great layering piece! 


6. Favorite Pair of Jeggings 

                     Everyone has to have a favorite go to Jeggings. What is a Jegging. Its a Legging,                      but a little bit thicker! Has the same stretch and feel as a legging. But NOT see                            thru. You might even find one that is 5 pocket like a Jean. 

7. Statement Necklace 

                          A fun piece of jewelry is a must have in your wardrobe. If you want to add                                       something to your simple top, this is the perfect way to do so! 


8. Little Black Dress 

                          We talked a lot of what you can wear to work, casual, or family events. However, we have talked about Ladies Night Out, Work Party, Evening out with the Man. A little Black Dress is a must in your closet! Black Dresses always look good. They always seem to fit just right. And after trying on 1,98454 dresses, its the one we always come back to! 


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