THE TOP 10 MOST GOOGLED FASHION QUESTIONS OF 2015 : We answered your Questions!

Google is the go-to destination for all of the embarrassing questions you're too afraid to ask your friends. Though the questions are normally along the lines of "i-90 snow, what happened?" and "how do I win the lottery?", it turns out that people are turning to Google for their weird fashion advice, too.

So Bad Habit Boutique has answered the questions for you! 

1.How To Walk in Heels? 

If you are finding it hard to walk in Heels, are advice to you is to take it down an inch. Try a shorter option. Also, make sure you are wearing the right size, cramming your feet in a shoe that is a bit to small or narrow can cause discomfort and hinder your stride. Finally, slow down! This will help reduce the strain on the ball of your heels. 

2.What To Wear on The First Day of School 

Keeping it "classy" and simple is the best way to ease into the classroom noticeably. This year our girls loved the simple sweaters paired with a plaid skirt or flared skirts, knee high socks and some cute strappy mary janes. While others choose to wear the dark denim skinny jeans with a rocker tee layered with an open plaid button up! 

 Who could forget our favorite cardigan? Sooo many different looks for our fashionistas  this piece made back-to-school simple and effortless!

3. How to Fray Jeans 

Fraying jeans was a great look of the 90's that made a sweet comeback into 2015!  For the street-style DIY approved look.....start with a freshly ironed denim to ensure the proper length, just some snips of the scissors and some pulling of the denim threads to give it that distressed appeal.....wash, wash, and rewash; this look can turn a LOVED pair of jeans into a perfectly new summer essential to hit all the outdoor music fests!

4. How to Tie a Shirt 

Knotting your shirt at the waist is more flattering than doing a full tuck. When tying a tshirt, move the the tie to slightly to the side, its great to wear it like this with High-Waisted shorts or a Maxi Skirt. We Love to Tie Denim shirts with Pencil Skirts, or Colored Shorts. 

5. What Should a Bride Wear to a Rehearsal

While every bride has her own personal taste. A white dress is a confident and elegant choice for any bride-to-be, plus a great way to rock a pair of those fabulous heels! (that you want to know how to walk in) 

6. What to wear booties with?

                                                               Literally, Everything! ......................


The #1 question are customers had was "how to wear booties with jeans?"  So we went to the Fashion Board! aka the drawing board. We loved the Bootie either tucked into your jeans, or rolling up our jeans to a bit above the boot line. Another way to rock the bootie is with a fabulous romper. 

7. What are Mule Shoes? 

 ha ha ha Just kidding...this is an actual Mule

  <---------- This is a Mule Shoe. 

8. What to wear to a wedding in the woods? 

The fun part of a wedding, is figuring out what to wear! First, you want to find something that is fun and of course fun to dance in! We love pairing up Denim with any kind of dress. Next, always find something that you can wear again. Something that is practical outside of the wedding event. Finally, the shoes! I would stay away from heels, unless you want to be stuck in a rabbit hole! 

9. How to Dress Like Miranda Sings?  

Well, a photo says it all....if you truly want to dress like should check out our Addicted Box, it helps you with styling and gives great tips on how to put outfits together. 

10. What Color Shoes go with Black and Blue

You can ignore that old "blue and black don't mix" rule once and for all! We suggest for footwear a Gold Or Silver shoe! Don't forget about Nude, this color goes with anything and everything! 

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