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Meet Connie Beacom 

So…those pictures that pop up all over your social media sites of all the cute new arrivals and haunt you to buy them…those pictures are brought to you by our WONDERFUL and TALENTED photographer Connie! Connie is a lifelong friend of the owner, Sara Pippett. Connie said, “I am thankful for Sara giving me this exciting learning experience.” Connie is not only our photographer, but she works in the Sioux City store as well. If you stop in to shop at the Sioux City location, then you probably know Connie by her bubbly and fun personality. When I asked one of our models, Allie what her favorite thing about Connie taking pictures of her was she said, “Connie is always making me laugh. She makes modeling for Bad Habit sooo much fun. I swear we take more pictures goofing off and having fun than serious pictures. She makes me love being a part of the Bad Habit family.” This makes for a lot of cute action shots that you see posted! 

When I read what Allie sent me, I completely agreed. I have saw Connie in action at the photo shoots. I would style the models, and then Connie would pose the ladies and make the photos come to life. There is never a dull moment with Connie at the photo shoots! Another model, Jacqui said, “She is good at knowing what she wants her vision to be and cuts straight to the point! Her photos are always fresh and full of natural color which I love! She's a great photographer to work with for sure!” Connie is so creative and comes up with such fun and new ideas constantly!

Connie loves taking pictures for all occasions, not just Bad Habit. She does beautiful work for family photos, engagement photos, newborn photos, and senior pictures as well. I would highly recommend Connie if you need pictures taken of any kind! To see some of her work you can find her on Facebook at Forever in a Snap Photography!

There is no doubt that Connie enjoys and is great at what she does and makes it fun for everyone at the same time!

Here is a Link to her facebook page:



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