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(Maybe it’s too early)…but I have had a few different inspirations for my blog post this week. My first one came from a conversation I had with my dad. We were having a conversation about weather and I remember asking, “Is it supposed to be hot tomorrow?” His response was, “Yes, close to 50’s I think.” After his response I remember thinking to myself I said HOT and his response was YES… only in Iowa would we consider 50 degrees HOT in the winter! I am not complaining one bit about it though! The unpredictable and ever changing weather in Iowa during the winter can be such a tease. The spurts of nice weather have been tempting me to pull out my dresses and lose the tights. This brings me to my next inspiration…

Here at Bad Habit we have been getting our 2015 spring line in! If you are like me, you are over your winter clothes and ready to start building your spring wardrobe. (I know most of you are because I hear it multiple times a day while working here) So, this week I am going to show you how you can start buying, wearing, and transitioning those spring dresses we are getting in right away

From Becca’s closet

This first look is a look I pulled from my closet. I had bought this dress at Bad Habit towards the end of last summer. I didn’t get to wear it many times, so I have been waiting to pull it out again. I absolutely love the combination of patterns in this dress. Polka dots and stripes together are one of my weaknesses! To give it that winter feel it is so easy! For this part just pull out your winter essentials. I decided to pair it with a bulky winter infinity scarf and booties. For me, an outfit isn’t complete without jewelry! I love the look of a long necklace with an infinity scarf. Just like this I transitioned one of my dresses into a cute winter outfit for work!

Photo: L.Michele Photography

Get the Bad Habit look

This second look is a look I put together with some of my favorite pieces at Bad Habit right now! I started with one of the dresses we just got in for spring. I have been in love with it since we got it in! I love the feminine look it has with the croquet lace detailing. The next step like above is to pair it with winter essentials. I went with a cardigan and booties for this look I belted the dress and cardigan to give it a defined waist since both pieces are free flowing. I was so warm and cozy in this look I almost didn’t want to take it off


The last look is some inspiration from Pinterest! This look is for those colder days, but when you still want to rock a spring dress. I love how they took a floral dress and toned it down with neutrals to make an adorable winter look. You can see she decided to pair hers with tights unlike me. Since temperatures can fluctuate so much tights are an easy go to for extra warmth and makes the outfit appropriate for winter. The winter essentials she used to complete the outfit were a pea coat, scarf, and laced up booties.