Bad Habit Boutique: Best Holiday Gift Guide

Hey Ladies!
Here at Bad Habit Boutique, we want to help cut out some of that holiday stress by bringing you our limited edition Holiday Gift Boxes!
WHY is it so convenient?! Because we already did the shopping for you by hand picking an adorable variety of BHB apparel & putting it into the perfect gift box! 
WHAT is in the gift box? A normal gift box includes a top, a bottom, & an accessory! The 12 Days of Christmas box includes 12 different BHB items ranging from graphics tees, beanies, jewery, & more!! 
WHERE can you find our best gift boxes ever?! On click the tap "GIFT BOXES". 
HERE is our top 6 best selling holiday gift boxes:
1. I'm So Freaking Cold gift box
2. Coffee Lovers gift box
3. Baby It's Cold Outside gift box
4. Bake Cookies & Hallmark gift box
5. Moosing Around gift box
6. 12 Days of Christmas gift box
An easy yet adorable gift idea for a special person in your life! I won't judge you if you buy the gift box for yourself ;)
*From: Me. To: Me* "Awe I'm so sweet, I shouldn't have... but thank God I did!" 



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